Chris Pratt, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Had Speaker Boehner come by after votes. Old habits die hard for some teachers. 


Had Speaker Boehner come by after votes. Old habits die hard for some teachers. 

MCU Civil War Script




Senator: Superheroes have to register their secret identities!
Natasha: There’s six of us. Rogers has a Smithsonian exhibit on him, Stark won’t stop telling the world he’s Iron Man, and for the rest of us, I dumped all of SHIELD’s files on the internet.
Senator: Oh. Right.

Natasha: Oh…and Thor is Thor.  That’s his real name.  Even if it wasn’t, he might have diplomatic immunity to the Registration Act since his “secret identity” is the crown prince of an alien civilization.

Senator: I get it, I get it.


(Enter the Senator’s office)
Senator: Well, that was a disaster.
Voice: You think?
Senator: Who is th- Nick Fury?
Nick Fury: I’m here to talk to you about the “Stop Wasting Everyone’s Fucking Time” Initiative.

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[TW: harassment, threats, stalking, violence, slurs, racism]

So, someone decided to post this submission with a link to medievalpoc to a subreddit called “Tumblr In Action” this morning.

I’ve posted about this before.

Let’s stop pretending we have no idea where this comes from:




And can we stop pretending as if these supposed “rules” actually mean anything, or are ever actually enforced:


Medievalpoc has received tens of thousands of hits from this particular subreddit from more than 60 separate threads, some of which have hundreds of derogatory comments, using slurs, threats, and racist ‘jokes’.


And it is somehow a “coincidence” that I have had to speak to police four times and make official reports due to threats, stalking, harassment, and other nastiness? That people have followed me around in person without my knowledge or consent because of this? People have circumvented the “ignore” function by creating accounts just to send racial slurs and threats.

The rest of this is going under a cut, because it is truly horrific. Please proceed with caution.

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I’m sorry this is happening to MPOC. I’m sorry that this has to happen to anyone who is trying to bring to light issues of inequality. My support is with the author and their strength to continue blogging in spite of the harassment.

"Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself."

— Mark Twain, proving there is nothing new under the sun. (via politicalprof)

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Frequent Fox “News” guest, Aqua Buddha doesn’t understand the meaning of words. 


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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"Despite the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Alexander is facing 60 years in prison for having fired a warning shot in 2012 to stop her abusive ex-husband from attacking her. The bullet fired by Alexander, a Black working-class mother, hit no one and caused no injury. Nonetheless, she was arrested, jailed and convicted — until a mass movement forced her conviction to be thrown out in late 2013. The state’s prosecutor, Angela Corey, decided to retry the case and has repeatedly slandered Alexander to the mass media and even in the state’s legislature. While the state’s persecution of Alexander continues, the movement to win her freedom has not gone away."

'Free Marissa Alexander’ march shakes Jacksonville (via aboriginalnewswire)

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Allen West warns readers not to fall into his own trap.

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House GOP Unilaterally Votes To Advance Boehner's Lawsuit

Coming as a surprise to no one ever, John Boehner’s Republican majority voted to advance their lawsuit against President Obama for not implementing a law they voted to repeal over 50 times — the Affordable Care Act.


House Republicans officially gave Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) their seal of approval on Wednesday to sue President Barack Obama, marking the first time in U.S. history that a chamber of Congress has endorsed a lawsuit against a president.

The House adopted the resolution by a vote of 225-201. Five Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic conference to vote against the measure. They were Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Walter Jones (R-SC), Paul Broun (R-GA), Steve Stockman (R-TX) and Scott Garrett (R-NJ).

Don’t mistake those Republican “no” votes as an objection to going after President Obama. They’re just upset that this lawsuit is the bone tossed in place of impeachment.

The resolution authorizes Boehner to challenge Obama in court for exceeding his authority by unilaterally delaying deadlines under Obamacare. Although he has said he’ll target the one-year delay of the health care reform law’s employer mandate penalties, the text of the GOP resolution gives the Speaker room to legally challenge implementation tweaks to other provisions of the law.

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A friendly guide for Sarah Palin and the other conservatives who need it. 

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